Team Alter Ego CP, XRW and Girls Only camps at Dropzone Denmark

Kim Bo Larsen Ikke kategoriseret

The wait is over! Curt and Jeannie are finally coming back to DZDK!

And this its gonna be huge (YUGE)

Jeannie is coming to take special good care of all you wonderful female skychick around Europe, and she will do a GIRLS ONLY canopy Control course!
It doesn’s matter if you have 20 jumps or 500. This course will help you learn and grow as a canopy pilot. Furthermore, Jeannie and Bar manager Søren have some cool events planned for you after sunset. Come on out where ever you are – this is the one event you dont wanna miss!

You register by clicking on the links (One for each day)
The fee covers coaching – jumps not included.

Jeannie day 1 (Friday)

Jeannie day 2 (Saturday)

Jeannie day 3 (Sunday)


Curt is doing 2 separate camps. At night the bar has some great events for you boys that are not attending the girls camp (you don’t wanna miss out)
day one is XRW – we combine wingsuits and CP.
You register by clicking on the links (One for each day)
The fee covers coaching – jumps not included.

XRW camp with Curt (Friday)

Intro to swooping/Freestyle/competition training
Intro: Wanna learn how to swoop? Why not learn from the BEST! Curt has the medals and trophies to prove it! But not only a world class swooper – he is also a world class coach! This course is for the jumper who has good understanding of and handles his canopy well with straight in landing – maybe you tried doing some 90’s. Curt will help you improve and build you skill set.
Freestyle/competition training: If you don’t know if you should be on this course, you probably shouldn’t. This one is for the swooper who is getting ready to enter the competitions, and everyone above this level. Wanna improve on your distance, or maybe you just can’t get your head around that blindman-switchblade-lazyboy-dingleberry. Whatever it is, Curt will help you!

Register for Curts course saturday:

Register for Curts course sunday:


About Dropzone Denmark, facilities, accommodation and essentials

Dropzone Denmark is Denmarks primere DZ.
Plane: Caravan (14 jumpers)
Large hangar with carpeted packing area
Europes biggest swoop pond
Huge landing area right in front of hangar
Cafe/bar on site. (breakfast, lunch and dinner menus) Large selection of local and foreign beers
Bunkhouse accommodation. (28 beds) 100 DKK per. night.
Camping area for your camper/tent (50 DKK per. night)
Fast free WiFi throughout campus including bunkhouse/camping area
Gear shop
Close to Billund International Airport (We will do pickups for a fair price)